Dialling in your espresso shots has never been easier! Grind Finer is a web app that helps you dial in your espresso shots by calculating the correct grinder setting, and yield based on your desired ratio and shot size.

What is it?

GrindFiner.eu is a tool for dialing in and logging your espresso shots.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in your browser‘s local storage. We store your images to a separate server.

How does grindfiner.eu get such accurate results when determining what grinder settings I should use?

The quality of the results are based on the quality of the data you enter. The more data you enter, the more accurate the results will be. We use machine learning to determine the best grinder settings for your espresso shots.

Can I save a photo of my shot, and include it in my logs?

Yes! You can take a picture of your shot, and view it in your logs.

I took some really cool pictures of my most recent shot, and now the image has disappeared!!!!?

This app is still in beta, so things like that can happen. We are working on a way to reliable save your images to the cloud. For the time being, you can back up your data by exporting it, and downloading your images to your device.

Will I lose all of my logs and other data if I clear my browsers history/cache?

Yes. You should always back up your data if you want to keep it.

How can I back up my data?

Go to settings and click the "Export Data" button. This will download a JSON file with all of your data.

Can I then import my data after backing it up?

Not right now, but we are working on it.

Why can‘t I just log in and save my data like other sites?

We want you to have control over your data first and foremost. That is our priority when it comes to data. However, we are working on a way to save your data in the cloud.

Why are there so many missing features?

This app is still in development. We are working on adding more features and improving the ones that are already there.

Does this use AI or machine learning?

This app uses machine learning to determine, and suggest, the correct grinder settings you should use when dialing in a shot.

Can I take pictures of my beautiful espresso shots, and save them to logs?

Yes! You can take pictures of your shots and save them to your logs.

Can I include some information about tasting notes and appearance of my shots when I create a log?

Yes! You can include tasting notes and appearance notes when you create a log.

I don‘t like espresso, can I use this app for logging my pour over shots?

Yes you can. While this app is mainly focussed on espresso, you can use this app to log your pour over shots. We are working on adding more features for pour over shots.

Now that I have poured a perfect shot of espresso, what can I do while I enjoy it?

You can head over to our Discord server (link below) and share your shot with the community. You could also visit r/espresso and share your shot there.

My perfect shot of espresso has given me special mental powers, what should I do with them?

You could brush up on your knowledge of the world over at GeoGee, or you could sharpen up your detective skills over at Detective Stories.

Current Version: 0.0.2 (BETA)
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